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Power Generators 

PRAMAC products are a full range of portables and stationary gensets since 1 to 3360 kVA. Beyond the standard production, customized solutions could be studied and projected to be fitting any specific customer needs.

Stationary / Industrial Products. 

These products are ideal in the industrial field, in telecommunication sector, agriculture and residential buildings. Whichever would be the field of application, the priority is reserved to features as reliability, robustness and safety.


Customized Products.  

a customized offers on demand since 15 to 2.600 kVA, all products guaranteed by the high level of technical engineering and quality manufacturing matured while experiencing the standard production.

These gensets built on the base of specific customer needs .

Handling System

Hand Pallet   

. complete range of products .

. Quality Italian manufacturing .

. Models with stainless steel & galvanized steel Versions.

Electric Pallet 

.All types of uses , from light-weight to heavy duty .

.best sizes to be uses in narrow spaces .

.Possibility of tailoring products .


. High quality component .

. Easy to handle, powerful, reliable .

. AC traction/pump for electric system.

. Diesel & Gasoline engines totally comply with EU 97/68/EC stage IIIa .


In material handling sector LIFTER engineers and produces a wide range of manual and electric tools as transpallet and stackers, supplying as well a customized service to adapt different products to specific applications' requirements.

Lighting Towers

. Suitable for Public work .

. Connection of lamps by CE sockets .

. Site trailers with 4 supporting feet .

. Electric engine, control device and hydraulic system for lifting operations .

. Telescopic tower with extension of 7.5m .

Light Globe 

. Can illuminate up to 10,000 m2 .

. Easy-to-use panel that inflates and deflates the globe automatically .

. Hand winch .

. Safety lock .

. Adjustable feet and retractile handles .


Light Globes can illuminate up to 10.000 m with a easy-to-use panel that inflates and deflates the globe automatically.The PRAMAC Portable Light Tower features 4 halogen lamps of 500 Watts each and lit up to 8000 ft2 with 2000 hours of autonomy. It is easy to use and handle, due its hand winch, safety lock, adjustable feet and retractile handles.

Lighting Towers/Globe 

Scaffolding System

. Have approval for General Construction Authority

  No. Z-8.22-869 , technical approval No. Z-8.22-901 .

. Meets and fulfills Saudi ARAMCO requirements and industries specifications .

. Meets and fulfills SABIC requirements and industries specification .

. OSHA for Safety Health and Environment .

. EN Standards ( EUROPEAN ) . 

As a part of our group TUBOS VOUGA SAUDI is responsible for all our Scaffolding projects and technical aspects to ensure the quality in all our projects .

Scafom-rux offers a broad range of products and systems. But whichever is the right one for your project, aspects like safety, efficiency and functionality are always important. Solid engineering, comprehensive testing and certification processes and strict quality control within our own production units are your guarantee of quality. For years on end. Geared to the most intensive use under the harshest conditions.

Scaffolding System 

Portable Generators 

All Powermate portable generators are designed and tested to the highest standards. We use only the best component parts, including world-class engines from Honda, Mitsubishi, Subaru, and Yamaha.

Portable Generators

. Electric / Manual start.

. From 1200 Watts to 12500 Watts.

. Have duplex 120 volt Outlet .

. OSHA for Safety Health and Environment .

. EN Standards ( EUROPEAN ) . 


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